The chickens

Our chickens each have a different personality. I would never have thought this before I started keeping chickens. You become attached to them just like you would any other pet – assuming of course, that you are an animal lover.
I have a chicken we call Precious (like the Hobbit ring) that is white and black. She is very gentle and is bullied by the other chickens. We recently had a chicken murder by the raccoons and the first thing David asked was – “It wasn’t Precious…” Thank goodness it was not.
The other chickens are barred rocks, all black with white spots. They are quiet and very docile for the most part. Brown eggs begin around eight or nine months old.
We totally spoil our chickens. Their treats consist of watermelon and tiny marshmallows. You would not believe the power marshmallows have over chickens. They will perform amazing leaps and vocalizations for a marshmallow.
For anyone out there vacillating on the chicken ownership question…you must try it. It is very rewarding and highly entertaining!