Shamus O’Brien McCauley is our yellow cat.  He’s a “two-handed” cat – meaning you can’t pick him up with one hand due to his size. 

Shamus was a tiny stray given to us by David’s little sister many years ago.  From infancy he was mischievous and surly.  I took him to the vet for neutering, and when I picked him up, there was a huge orange sticker that said “I BITE” on the top.  When we had a dog door, he would bring not-quite-dead critters into the house for a bit of fun.  You could tell what type of bird he brought in by the feathers scattered throughout the house. 

That’s when Shamus was nicknamed “The Yellow Peril.”

He’s not quite as quick as he used to be, but he’s still got that surly attitude and he still bites! He doesn’t shy from a rumble with a stray cat who ventures into his domain, but he is terrified of the chickens.  Chicken bullying is rampant at our house, but that’s another story…


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