The base of the Coyote Cabin is a double-axle trailer.  We bartered with a family member for an 8 x 16 foot trailer he was no longer using.  One rainy Saturday morning we drove the 40 or so miles to tow it home. 

The trailer had a few quirks – the tires had seen better days and one tire was beginning to shed the outer layer.  Originally, the trailer bed was made of wood.  Now it resembled a hard compost-like substance as a result of dry-rot.  A previous disaster caused a bend in the tongue of the trailer.  If you wanted it to be in the correct lane when driving, you had to drive the truck on the right shoulder of the road.

We pulled the trailer out of its hiding place in the weeds, put some air in the tires and started home.  No fear!  There was a trail of rotten wood behind us for the first 10 miles or so.  David expected at least one tire to blow and sling rubber, but everything went well until the final 2 miles.  The tire that was shedding its skin finally gave up.  From that point on, riding in the truck was similar to an unmaintained carnival ride, or when you tried to teach your friend how to drive a stick shift.  Lurching home the final mile at a crawl, we were ready for a cold “beverage” and a comfortable recliner. 

The foundation of the Coyote Cabin was home!


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