We live near a nature center, and it seems that all the “escapees” come to our back area – a clearing surrounded by woods.  We have had wild hogs dig up our yard, deer eat our garden and red tailed hawks eye our cat and chickens.  During a full moon, it sounds like a hundred coyotes howling as if they were practicing for Bass Hall.

During a cool spell, we kept seeing what we thought was a coyote crossing the back yard the same time every afternoon.  One day I decided to take a picture with my phone.  I moved closer and closer, and the coyote never moved.  I thought it must have rabies or some other malady to let me approach so near.  Every day for several weeks, the coyote would catch some rays in the clearing.  Very calm, very beautiful, very powerful.

We are building our tiny house near the coyote’s favorite spot, so we called it the Coyote Cabin.


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